ARTWALK 2016: Rachael Waller

Alpine’s Gallery Night, Inc. (AGNI) selected Rachael Waller as the 2016 ArtWalk Featured Artist. Her work was shown at Trans-Pecos Bank at 102 West Avenue E.

Due to the frequent weather problems in previous years, evening live music for ARTWALK 2016 took place in the Granada Theatre. Music Headliners for 2016 were Dale Watson on Friday night and Omar and the Howlers on Saturday night, with opening performances by Kris Gordon and The Powell Brothers respectively.

Additionally, there were free shows by local bands and performers on Friday and Saturday from 1:30–7:30 p.m. at the Holland Hotel, Kiowa Gallery and Brown Dog Gardens. Performers included Ed Ljungdahl, The Swifts, Bruce Salmon, Blan Scott Band, Alan Haney, Rick Ruiz, Trevor Hickle, Anthony Ray Wright, Deep Eddie and the Basic 3, Snotty Hicks, Tuba Christmas, and the Mystic Gitanas belly dancers.

Click here to view a selection of photos from ARTWALK 2016.

Honored artist’s bio:

Over the last two decades Ms. Waller has photographed various Tribal cultures, artists, musicians, Cowboys, ranches, multi-million dollar horses and the life on the range that surrounds her. Her list of accolades is long and impressive. Her work has been shown all over the world and is sought after by collectors, interior designers and lovers of her vision.

Ms. Waller was accepted into California Institute of the Arts (CALARTS) in the film Live action department in 1998. She received her B.F.A in 2002 and continued on to receive her M.F.A in 2004. Her thesis film “No Reservations-The American Indian Cowboy” focused on the Indian National Rodeo finals and the hard work it takes to get there while breaking down stereotypes of Indian Cowboys/Cowgirls. It was at CALARTS she was offered amazing opportunities to study with some of the great masters of film and photography and visual exploration. She has worked in the fields of film, literature, photography, PR, has toured with well know acts and photographed much of the journey of her life.

Her greatest love is photographing the herd of wild and domestic slaughter bound rescue horses that call her ranch (Firelight South) home. For her entire life she has fought for humane treatment of all creatures great and small. She has a small crew, along with her 14 year old daughter Cheyenne, who train and rehabilitate the horses for adoption to forever homes. “Cheyenne is a great hand, she is Crow Indian and takes the horse spirit very seriously, she works up to 4 or so horses a day including stallions and young colts.”

“Photography offers me a private intimacy within the fleeting moments of life. As an only child of artists I have always had animals & art around me so it seems only natural to still have their company in my work. This company over years has more and more become large soulful eyes, messy manes, spirited and full-hearted beings that keep me running in the dirt, knee down in the mud, asleep with hay in my hair, and face to face with some real characters.

“Mostly, they have touched my life through my lens in ways I would have never imagined. From rescue horses to horses that rescue people. I love photographing the world that surrounds me and honored to photograph the world of others. For me, photography is a very peaceful look at the world that is often overlooked. I proudly shoot in the beauty and celebration of natural light. Living in the Big Bend region of West Texas gives me an abundant amount of beauty and light to work with my subjects, it is a magic I find nowhere else.”

“The camera translates my language to the world”

– Rachael Waller (list of awards available upon request).

102 W. Avenue E