ARTWALK 2012: Teresa Elliott

ARTWALK 2012’s Featured Artist was Teresa Elliott, and the Music Headliners were Beto y Los Fairlanes and Jesse Dayton. The Austin Bike Zoo was featured in the Saturday Art Parade.

“My paintings point to my own personal identity as a contemporary Western artist. Through an assembly of simple shapes, form, and style I hope to add to the bedrock of revisionist art that dominates the Western art world today. My intention is to reveal the intimate day to day experience I have with my subjects.”

Teresa Elliott has lived in her native Texas for most of her life and now lives and paints in Alpine, Texas, north of Big Bend National Park. She remembers a childhood “soulful connection” to animals that continues to this day. Entering a pasture full of longhorns has never been a stretch for Teresa. As a child, her grandfather’s farm in Texas offered her the opportunity to observe cattle chewing their cuds while time slowed to a natural rhythm. Teresa reflects, “It became a place and time to know my subjects in their entirety. Details were etched in my memory; the texture of their dusty fur, glistening noses, large massive forms and the way I felt in their presence.” All of those memories were reawakened when Elliott turned her attention to painting the Texas Longhorn in 2005. The horns of the beast were new shapes full of exquisite new details to relish; their endless patterns and color combinations make painting a luxurious pastime.

Teresa lives and in Alpine, Texas, with her husband, Pete Czarnecki.