ARTWALK has come a long way since its inaugural appearance as Alpine’s Gallery Night back in 1994!

On this page, we will link to some information on the honored artists, locations and music headliners of past ARTWALKs. Please bear with us as we dig into the past, we will gradually add more links as we go.

ARTWALK 2019 (Honored Artist: Collie Ryan)

ARTWALK 2018 (25th Annual ARTWALK)

ARTWALK 2017 (Honored Artist: Jon Sufficool)

ARTWALK 2016 (Honored Artist: Rachael Waller)

ARTWALK 2015 (Honored Artist: Carol Fairlie)

ARTWALK 2014 (Honored Artist: Nancy Whitlock)

ARTWALK 2013 (Various Honored Artists)

ARTWALK 2012 (Honored Artist: Teresa Elliott)

ARTWALK 2011 (Honored Artist: Crystal Allbright)

ARTWALK 2010 (Honored Artist: Boyd Elder)

ARTWALK 2009 (Honored Artist: Wayne Baize)